Well Dressing 2018: June 23 – June 30

That’s right, it’s nearly time for our annual Well Dressing event – and the dates for 2018 have now been revealed. They are:

Making the dressing – June 16-22.

Preparations for well-dressing 2018.

Work on the dressing usually starts about 10.30am and goes on all day until about 7pm.
Please drop in and have a go, no experience needed. Have a chat and a cup of tea whilst creating.
The dressing on display – June 23-30
Timetable for Saturday, June 23:
The junior dressing has been designed by Patrick, with an RAF theme.
The main boards have been designed by Tricia.
The boards go up on Friday night.
Blessing at 11am Saturday – Wellgate Lane.
Teas in the village hall on Saturday from 11.30am -5pm; Sunday afternoon from 1pm-5pm.
Donations of books & cakes are very welcome.
What happened in 2017?

It was a busy June 2017 for Over Haddon, as the village prepared for its annual Well Dressings event.

The boards went into the River Lathkill on Saturday, June 3 and were taken out on Saturday, June 17. The clay went into the boards on the same day and petalling began on Monday, June 19.

This meant, from Saturday, June 17, until Friday, June 23, two garages in Main Street became the centre of activity for our Well Dressings. “For one week only”, ladies, men and children spent many hours huddled over the Well Dressing boards.

Visitors to the village were invited to stop and ask about the history of Well Dressings, inspect the designs, take lots of photos and even have a go at petalling! Donations could be made via the charity boxes available and monies collected from the boxes, sales of cards, books, plants, DVDs, teas and cakes over the Well Dressing week enables funds to be donated to three or four charities.

Once the creations were completed, they were put in place on the evening of Friday, June 23, ready for the Blessing of the Wells the following day.

These photos were taken during the unveiling:

The main Over Haddon Well Dressing board.

Over Haddon Well Dressings

The juniors board for the 2017 event.