Things to know about Over Haddon Well Dressing

Over Haddon produces two Well Dressings each year.

The main board is situated opposite the water pump and adjacent to the stone water troughs at the bottom of Wellgate Lane; the juniors board is situated in the grounds of the Village Hall on School Lane.

Each year the wooden framed boards are “sunk” in the River Lathkil for two weeks. These are then taken out of the river and set up in a pair of garages in Main Street ready to be  filled with clay.

Once filled with clay and a smooth surface prepared the “pattern” is laid onto the clay surface. It is then that the design is picked out by “woolling”, using black wool and a cocktail stick.

Over the next week, up until the Friday evening, the design will come to life with the use of organic materials and flower petals, known as “petalling”. The nature of flower petals means that they cannot be inserted until the very last minute–making Fridays, each year, frantic!

On Friday evening, the Well Dressings are installed in their positions ready to then be blessed on Saturday morning.

The Well Dressings remain in situ for” ONE WEEK ONLY”.

Over Haddon Village Hall is usually open during Saturday and Sunday for tea, coffee, soft drinks and cakes.

Donations are collected during the week of “petalling” and via the collections boxes at the Well Dressings after they are in place.

Funds raised are divided between a local, a national and an international charity each year.